Weekly Tech Tidbit – Singing the RDP blues again……   

Hopefully for most of you, this is old news, but I know how busy everyone gets, especially this time of year with the end of school coming upon us.   So, in case you missed it Microsoft RDP has been back in the news again as the source in yet another serious vulnerability – dubbed BlueKeep - that could cripple our networks.

Weekly Tech Tidbit – Patch 3rd Party Applications

I was recently reading a security study that said that 25% of applications are unpatched for an entire year!  As you approach the summer remember that you need to patch not only the operating system but also all your applications.

Many of our biggest threats are application based:

Adobe Flash
Oracle Java
Adobe Reader (PDFs)

But there are literally hundreds of security patches for various applications.

Weekly Tech Tidbit – Network Time Matters – Fix It!

One of the most important principles of a good network design is accurate time.   Windows time is a whole lot like the 1960s car clock - always drifting away from true time.  However, very weird things start to happen if time on your network and servers and workstations is left to fend for itself.

Weekly Tech Tidbit – Doing Public/BYOD Wireless The Right Way

Bob and I have discussed over and over the need for improved public wireless configuration.   Some of you have gotten the message.  Sadly many have not.  As we approach the summer, let's get this fixed once and for all.

Here are a few design changes many of you need to implement:

If your endpoints in the district under your control must be considered the "wild west" in terms of patching and remote access, then your public/BYOD must be treated as a true war zone where nothing can be trusted.

Weekly Tech Tidbit – External Vulnerability Scans

Do you know how secure you are from the outside world?  Maybe you're new and inherited a network, or there has been so much churn over the years with servers being added and retired and software previously available in-house now being hosted?   Maybe you have just lost track of patching?

Regardless of the reason, a service we offer is to do an external vulnerability scan of the district's external IP addresses.

Weekly Tech Tidbit -Reboot before Updates

Another short and sweet tidbit.

When you are installing software, updates, patches, etc., reboot your server.   I can't tell you the number of times that my "updates" fail because there is a "pending restart" from a previous update.

If your update fails after the reboot, it is the update that is the issue.

Weekly Tech Tidbit – Vendor Support Contracts

This one is short and sweet.

Once in a while we encounter equipment or software that you have purchased elsewhere, but you want CSI to actively support you with it moving forward.   The reality with some of these vendors is that we are not allowed to call for technical assistance or even to place a service call on your behalf unless we are explicitly named on the equipment or software's support contract.

Weekly Tech Tidbit – 4 Hour On-Site?

Often we all don't get true clarity on the importance of certain issues until you are living them.  That is why for instance Dutchess County BOCES attempts to do a yearly, live, full DR test.  It is amazing what you find out when you actually force yourself to go production on plan B.  Documentation is missing, people have changed roles, the software has been updated.

Weekly Tech Tidbit – Secure your DNS

Keeping up with my theme on DNS related posts, this week I will again reprise a post from over a year ago on the importance of implementing proper control of DNS as part of your malware protection program.   It remains as valuable part of your overall all network and security management policies.

CSI Tech Talk Webinar – China Hacking Update – Recording Availabile

The US-CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) recently gave a presentation on what China has been doing to hack anything they can hack with the goal of stealing intellectual property, money and personally identifiable information. While most public sector schools and government agencies are generally not vast repositories of intellectual property, they do manage and transfer large sums of money and contain lots of student and staff personal information.

CSI is pleased to announce that we are an approved reseller under the NCPA Cooperative Purchasing Alliance

Through our partnership with Synnex Corporation CSI is an approved vendor on the NCPA national purchasing contract which is a legal alternative for our public sector and K-12 clients to either the NYS OGS or Federal GSA IT Schedule 70 contracts.NCPA (National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance)

NCPA  is a leading national government purchasing cooperative working to reduce the cost of goods and services by leveraging the purchasing power of public agencies in all 50 states.

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