CSI’s Paladin Remote Monitoring Saves Two Clients from Excessive Downtime and Unhappy Users

March 6th, 2013

CSI's Paladin Remote Monitoring solution had a impressive save in the last couple of days. Last week we had an ISP going on-site, after hours to do a routine hardware upgrade/swap.   The outage was planned and expected.   It was to a be a quick in and out and back on-line.   Paladin saw the client site go off-line (as planned).   However, it never came back.   Time went by and it never came back.  Hours went by.   It was obvious that something went horribly wrong.   If this continued until morning, bad things were going to happen for this client.   There were 2,100 users sitting behind this one connection - many of whom would be quite angry if this wasn't resolved.  We placed the appropriate calls to the appropriate people after hours and around 10:45pm the ISP recycled back to the client and resolved the connectivity issues created by their upgrades.   The end users never even knew the outage had occurred. Second at another client we got an announcement of an impending hard drive failure on an in-line web filter.   As an in-line filter if it crashed, all web traffic for a couple of thousand users would cease to exist.   CSI's Paladin Remote Monitoring alert caught the SMART alert and notified the customer.   SMART alerts are predictive hardware failures that alert when the hardware believes it is 12-24 hours from actually failing.  Dell is quite good about pro-active hardware warranty replacement of devices that alert with SMART alerts.   The customer called Dell to arrange for the replacement. It is impossible to know everything that is going on, or about to go on, with your network.  By overlaying 24x7x365 Paladin remote monitoring we can provide you with the ability to know things about your network that are impossible to know on your own.  There is simply too much data to sift through.   In both these instances we were able to uncover substantial issues and deal with them before they became a major crisis with lots of unhappy users. How do you know what you don't know about your network? Put s Paladin Monitoringcombined with our 35 years of experience working with technology for you today.

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