Managed Firepower

Today’s Internet and network security environment is very different from what it was just a few short years ago. Our legacy tools, basic firewalls and basic anti-virus/malware are no longer sufficient to keep your network safe.

Cisco’s Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) firewall is an important new component of your district’s security plans. However, to be most effective, this new next-generation firewall needs consistent monitoring of its generated Event Logs. It also requires consistent monitoring of its many security information data feeds to ensure they are operating properly and monitoring of the latest required software updates to assure they have been applied. Attention to these activities assure that your FTD is performing at peak capacity in protecting your network.

Unfortunately, for many districts the required consistent attention to the FTD to maintain security is an additional support burden that is difficult for district staff to maintain. This opens up districts to possible security exposures. CSI wants to help you with this, and has developed our Managed Firepower Services offering. This offering’s services are designed to provide:

  • Remote daily monitoring and device management service for existing Cisco Firepower device environment
  • Daily review of activity reports by trained CSI staff and notification of client contacts of any items requiring attention
  • Monitoring and management of all required system software updates by CSI staff
  • Assistance in enforcing client’s security policies and identifying/deterring unauthorized access of client’s IT network

These services provide many new weapons in the fight against cyber terrorism, and will greatly enhance the security of your network. However, no service can completely eliminate the threat of unauthorized network access. CSI is not responsible for any unauthorized access to client’s network.

Managed Firepower Services Detail:

  • Continuous health monitoring and device management service for Cisco Firepower devices
    • Verification of maintenance and proper connection of FMC to Cisco
  • Monitoring and management by trained CSI staff of all required configuration and software updates to the Firepower system (appliances + FMC)
    • Verification of proper download and installation of periodic updates
      • Rules updates, Geo updates, etc.
    • Includes all customer requested policy updates/changes in addition to CSI suggested changes
    • Performance of routine software updates to maintain system currency (max 2x per year)
    • Performance of critical patch updates as released by Cisco, if any
  • Review by trained CSI staff of the system’s prior-day activity reports (generated nightly) and notification of client contacts of any items requiring attention.
    • Includes initial remote remediation assistance when appropriate/available