Advisory Solutions


Is your technology hardware taking over your office? Do you dream of implementing new IT solutions but simply can’t add one more device? The solution is virtualization, offering capabilities that enable you to separate your IT resources from physical devices. That means you can actually do more with less, all while improving your IT resiliency, instead of taking over more of your valuable office space.


Security is critical to your network. That’s why CSI offers complete network security solutions to help protect your most valuable data and information assets. From Firewall Perimeter Protection and Sophisticated Event Analysis to Traffic Inspection for Malware, we believe in a layered approach to best defend your network. If you are looking for a more granular control over the security of you environment, or needs some ideas to improve what you currently have, we can show you how.


At CSI, we have the expertise necessary to help you build a better communication network, and to enable your schools to communicate more efficiently and effectively. Our communications solutions will increase your productivity and meet compliance standards. Many organizations are taking advantage of cloud based email to save on hardware and related costs like energy and maintenance. This also grants users access to resources anytime, anywhere, on any device. Migrations don’t have to be a headache. We have a lot of experience with this, and can make this easy.

Integrated Wireless Network

Are your wired and wireless networks capable of effectively allocating voice, video, data, and security all while delivering a positive user experience? Can you manage them through a single pane of glass? Experience the freedom and improved efficiency of a business-class wireless network from CSI. A quality collaboration experience is expected from today’s users, and it’s now a requirement to meet Common Core State Standards. We deliver unified wireless solutions that allow you greater control, security and reliability to support your users. Let CSI build your centralized, integrated wireless network to provide seamless and secure solutions.

Disaster Recovery & Preparedness

Having been through fire and flood, CSI is very passionate about disaster recovery and preparedness. One of your most precious assets is your data. Whether local and/or cloud backup, we have many years of experience advising on best practices and strategies to care for your data in this manner. CSI offers a full line of data backup, storage and disaster recovery consulting services. We can audit existing backup hardware and operating procedures and recommend options for optimum data protection using the latest technology.

Mobile Device & Application Managment

It’s expected that your network will have mobile devices connected or attempting to connect to it. Wireless devices out sell wired these days, most of which do not even have the option for an Ethernet connection. How are you protecting devices from walking off campus, the organizations sensitive data that may be on the device, or users downloading questionable apps that they unknowingly place sensitive data on? Can you remotely wipe a device of sensitive information in a matter of minutes if you needed to? Mobile Device Management gives you peace of mind in being able to locate devices, enforce rules, and wipe data if necessary. This cloud based service does not require any additional hardware or software for you to add and can be managed via the cloud.