What we do

We help Educational Organizations and Local Government IT teams to eliminate the noise in their networks that keeps them stuck in a place where it makes it challenging to accomplish the work they want and need to complete daily. We collaborate with these teams on a regular basis to keep their network secure and productive, giving them back peace of mind and time needed to get organization tasks like planning new technology projects in the works. Our strategy for success with your team includes Paladin tools and services and Advisory Solutions.


Paladin Services

Do you ever feel like you need more IT staff, or more time in a day to get everything done? Eliminate the need to increase staff and spending time you don’t have responding to problems. Paladin Services is a simple solution that acts as a second set of eyes on your network 24/7/365. Deal with possible issues before they occur with Remote Monitoring. Gain better control of your network, save time and money for your organization using our smart tools for increased efficiency and security.



Advisory Solutions

Have an upcoming project you know needs to be completed but you don’t know where to start? Are you concerned you might choose the wrong technology for your project? Do you have a project that you are just too understaffed and can’t get to, or maybe your team lacks the expertise to see it through with absolute confidence? Reduce your risk. We can help. We offer complete, full service consultative project planning with clear outcomes, and results you can trust will be configured and deployed correctly and on time.