Why is CSI Different?

Your Network is Our Network.

Something that makes CSI unique among technology firms is that our heritage is as technicians and not marketing folks. Whether a technology solution works or not is much more important to us than a flashy brochure. The ability of the product to reliably do what our clients need done is much more important to us than the shiny new product that is $5 cheaper, or that we can make $5 more on switching products. Our client’s networks are “our” networks. We know them intimately. We are obsessive about maintaining them. We take it personally when things don’t go right. We always look for better ways to do things. However, we don’t gamble with our client’s networks or money. Stable and boring is good when it makes good business and technological sense to not chase the shiny new widget. We research the new technology, pilot it, understand it intimately and then decide whether it makes sense for our customers. Only then will we have a serious discussion about implementation.

Your Network Will Never Be Our Experiment.

At CSI we use the same major technologies we sell and support. If it doesn’t work, our business doesn’t work. Whether it is server virtualization, desktop virtualization, storage area networks, or anytime anyplace access, we run our business using it. It is amazing how fast you understand the proper application of technology or how competing vendors’ products compare when you use what is in the brochure and suffer the consequences of poor design or implementation issues the vendor “forgot” to mention in their nice brochure.

We Keep Up on the Latest Trends in Technology.

At CSI we are constantly reading, learning, evaluating, and training on the latest technologies and best practices that will benefit the schools we support. In keeping abreast of this tornado called technology, our team reads hundreds of pages a week of technical journals, including emails and technical posts from some of the best minds and experts in our industry. These posts include new technology, problems with existing technology, solutions to the various problems of the day, and best practices.

We’ve Been at This a While.

We didn’t just read a book about the early years of our industry; we’ve lived it for the past 44 years. We’ve worked with VisiCalc 1.0, Lotus 1-2-3 1.0, Microsoft Word 1.0, Windows 1.0, and the original Macintosh. We started before Microsoft, Dell and most of our industry existed. Many of the first computer systems built in Hudson Valley school districts were completed by CSI. We have grown through all the changes in technology right next to those we started with; K-12 schools.