Paladin Sentinel Monitoring

Can you see the smoke before the fire? That’s what Paladin Sentinel Monitoring is all about, seeing a problem starting to occur before it becomes a smaller annoyance or large scale event that could take down your systems. Imagine how much time could be put back in your day if those little issues that brew into large scale problems could be eliminated?

Anyone can wait for a problem to occur before they respond, but we go the extra mile to solve potential problems before they become mission-critical issues. This solution is simple to set up, and will not require you to change anything in your current environment - hardware, software, or your staff.

Picture this:  It’s 3am on Sunday, and your network is completely down. School will be open Monday and computer based testing is scheduled to take place. Can you pinpoint the root cause and begin to work on the problem immediately? Are you confident you will be able to solve this yourself? Is your IT team experienced enough and do you have enough head count to handle this on your own; would you even want to?

Here’s an idea of the many things you can see in Paladin Sentinel Monitoring:

  • Low disk space (and on a path to disaster).
  • Unauthorized software/hardware being installed on your network
  • Failing UPS battery
  • Temperature of your main datacenter and closets
  • Presence of a virus in your network
  • Failed Backups (would you know it right away, or go on for days or weeks before knowing?)

How do you know what you don’t know? Find out.

It’s time to experience IT support the way you wish it could be. Gain peace of mind, and greater control of your network. Become a Paladin customer today.

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