CSI Sustainability Statement and Goals

CSI endeavors to do its part as a good corporate citizen of the Hudson Valley. We are committed to making decisions that are good for our clients and environmentally friendly. As part of our governance, we evaluate not only the business impact but also the impact on our employees as well as the environmental impact on our region. Our goal is to continually evaluate our products and processes and whenever possible, seek to take the most environmentally friendly route.

Computer Systems Integrators, Inc. (CSI) Environmental Sustainability Goals

CSI has completed the Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialization. This specialization indicates that CSI successfully completed Cisco’s requirements for the implementation of environmental sustainability practices. This further signifies CSI’s and Cisco’s readiness to support organizations in the repurposing, recycling, or refurbishment of end-of-life products, rather than their disposal.

“CSI continues to strive towards a sustainable future with our clients in collaboration with Cisco,” said Scott Quimby, VP of CSI. “This specialization shows our commitment to assist organizations in transitioning to sustainable technology solutions and promoting the recycling of end-of-life products.”

As part of the Environmental Sustainability Specialization, CSI has signed Cisco’s Sustainability Pledge that supports a commitment made by Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins to have a 100% product return on end-of-use hardware. This pledge also supports Cisco’s goals to:

  • Be net zero across global Scope 1,2 and 3 emissions by 2040
  • Ensure 100 percent of its products and packaging incorporate Circular Design Principles by FY2025