CyberSentinel Managed Endpoint Detect & Respond

True Cyber Security for Defense Against Evolving Cyber Threats

In the past few years, cyber-attacks have evolved to be a dangerous threat to every organiza- tion big and small. Luckily, CyberSentinel Endpoint Detect & Respond (EDR) provides the end- point protection that is needed in the new landscape of threats such as ransomware, malware, phishing, social engineering and more.

CyberSentinel Managed EDR uses advanced security software with support from its Security Operations Center (SOC), empowering you to get back to what you do, assured that your endpoints are defended with the best technology and staff in the industry.

Endpoint Cyber Security Backed by a Dedicated Security Operations Center

CyberSentinel Managed EDR is backed by an advanced SOC facility, staffed 24x7 with a team of cyber security experts who can ad- dress threats as quickly as possible. Together, we provide a powerful combination of software and services, including:

  1. Advanced monitoring, detection, response and remediation services to stop threats and minimize harm to your endpoints
  2. Intelligent reporting and documentation capabilities, including real-time alerting, network and activity monitoring.
  3. Threat profiles that map to specific attack vectors and protec- tion needs, with real-time alerting when a system or site reaches risk levels that are above acceptable thresholds.
  4. Advanced Features:
    • Mitigation-the ability to kill and quarantine threats,
    • Remediation-including roll back and restore damage
    • Forensics-allowing you visibility into the attack timeline- before, during and after

CyberSentinel Managed EDR —Stopping Endpoint Cyber Attacks Dead in their Tracks

CyberSentinel Managed EDR SOC teams monitor and analyze activities and behaviors across all your endpoint devices to identify active threats. Using market leading endpoint detection and response technology, we’ll identify and confirm these malicious attacks in progress and, if discovered, will activate remediation steps to stop even the most sophisticated attacks and keep your district moving forward.

The dangers of cyber threats are growing by the day, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Millions of organiza- tions will be affected this year—don’t be caught off-guard! Be prepared with strategic, intelligent cyber security from CSI.