Weekly Tech Tidbit – Cyber Safety for Students

This week’s Tech Tidbit is shorter on my thoughts and words since the attached link below contains lots of reading on its own.

For the start of the new school year the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), part of the US Dept of Homeland Security’s National Cyber Awareness System put out a nice document with a collection of information and tool kits all based around Cyber Safety for Students.

Weekly Tech Tidbit – Managing Switch Stacks

Over the past few years, we have been recommending the use of switch stacks in all your MDF and IDF locations.   This has been done to aid in simplifying switch management, but it has led to some confusion from time to time when someone is physically working in one of the network closets.

Weekly Tech Tidbit – Preventing Data Leaks

In my 20s I went to Tahiti and went on a sunset cruise on the famed "Liki Tiki".   It was an amazing sunset.  Hula girls, and music.   Along the way the Liki Tiki sprung a leak.   It was pitch black, and the boat was taking on water.  The captain and crew knew they were taking on water but had no idea where it was coming from.

Weekly Tech Tidbit – Do you know your SA Password?

A constant frustration of ours is ensuring "clean" backups.   If you corrupt your data or have a server failure, we need to reliably get that data back.  There are a few types of backups.   Image backups are popular with virtualization.  File system backups have always been the gold standard since the dawn of backups.

CSI Tech Talk – Securing Your Endpoints. Securing Your Network – Tuesday October 22nd – Sign Up Now!

As we start the school year, security is once again on everyone’s mind. Recent events have brought significant cyberattacks literally to our doorstep. The pace of these attacks is increasing. After consulting with many area Tech Directors about what was most on their mind, we put our heads together and we are going to go back to some basic, foundational steps you can take to better secure your endpoints and ultimately your network.

Hardening Active Directory Part III – More information from the front lines – Recording Available

Just when you thought it was safe to move along to other technical topics, along comes Scott Quimby's Hardening Active Directory Part III to scare you even more.  If you haven't watched Part I and Part II, you can find them here.

In Part III we will do a little review of some core topics of Active Directory Security plus share some latest information from the front lines in terms of some of the more subtle exposures that are not top of mind that we all need to be defending against.