Hardening Active Directory Part III – More information from the front lines – Recording Available

Just when you thought it was safe to move along to other technical topics, along comes Scott Quimby's Hardening Active Directory Part III to scare you even more.  If you haven't watched Part I and Part II, you can find them here.

In Part III we will do a little review of some core topics of Active Directory Security plus share some latest information from the front lines in terms of some of the more subtle exposures that are not top of mind that we all need to be defending against.

CSI Tech Talk Webinar – China Hacking Update – Recording Availabile

The US-CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) recently gave a presentation on what China has been doing to hack anything they can hack with the goal of stealing intellectual property, money and personally identifiable information. While most public sector schools and government agencies are generally not vast repositories of intellectual property, they do manage and transfer large sums of money and contain lots of student and staff personal information.

How to troubleshoot email for Google Apps – Recording Available

One of the most frustrating things for users and the technical staff that support them is erratic email flow.  Often users and staff don't know that their email is stuck or being rejected.  By the time the technical staff often realize there is a problem, a whole lot of email has backed up - or worse the district has been blacklisted.