Weekly Tech Tidbit – NIST Significantly Changes Password Recommendations

Earlier this month, on March 2, NIST formalized a significant number of changes to its password recommendations as part of the final release of its updated Digital Identify Guidelines document or NIST publication SP 800-63-3.  The full document which includes three additional sister documents (800-63A, 800-63B & 800-63C) is here:


Weekly Tech Tidbit – Security Steps you can take TODAY

Bob and are now multiple years in discussing the same thing - how to improve your district's security footprint.   For most of that time many ignored our warnings as too hard, too expensive, or "on my list".  But when a member of the family dies, everything  becomes very real and suddenly what is impossible becomes absolutely necessary.

Weekly Tech Tidbit – 2020 Is Coming

As you go through your normal yearly planning cycles remember that in January 2020 Microsoft will be retiring Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, and Microsoft Exchange 2010.  That means no security updates and no vendor support if something goes wrong.

Microsoft Licensing Webinar – Wednesday April 25th

 One of the most confusing things we all encounter is Microsoft software licensing.   You hear one explanation and then another.  We are left mystified - hoping that we did it right and the school district is legal.

On Wednesday, April 25th at 10:00 am Microsoft will be providing a Microsoft Licensing specialist in a webinar format to take us through all things licensing.

Windows 10 in Education Deployment and Manageability Workshop

CSI and Microsoft are excited to present a Windows 10 in Education Deployment and Manageability Workshop on Wednesday, February 28th from 8:30-12pm.  Microsoft will be coming to our office and providing a very detailed presentation on all things Microsoft relating to the deployment, management licensing, and upgrading of Windows 10 in education.