Hardening Active Directory Part III – More information from the front lines – Recording Available

Just when you thought it was safe to move along to other technical topics, along comes Scott Quimby's Hardening Active Directory Part III to scare you even more.  If you haven't watched Part I and Part II, you can find them here.

In Part III we will do a little review of some core topics of Active Directory Security plus share some latest information from the front lines in terms of some of the more subtle exposures that are not top of mind that we all need to be defending against.

Weekly Tech Tidbit – I’m from the state and I’m here to help! – Surviving a technology audit

It is important to have accountability to the taxpayers independently proving that each school district has adequate financial controls in place and is properly managing the money it has been entrusted.  In this era of identity theft, ransomware, and electronic financial theft, it is equally important to have adequate technical controls in place to protect your network and your district's private data.

Macs Need Advanced Endpoint Protection Too

I can't tell how many times I have heard from non-technical Mac people that, "they don't need anti-virus." The Apple person that sold them their Mac told them that. I have pointed out that Apple's technical folks make a strong recommendation for anti-virus in their technical documents despite sales claims to the contrary.

Weekly Tech Tidbit – Data Leaks

We have to be constantly vigilant to prevent malware, trojans, and other bad actors from taking root in our school networks to steal personally identifiable information (PIA) and money.   Besides web filtering, antivirus, patching, and now advanced endpoint protection, we also have to look at policies.

CSI Fall / Winter Event Schedule

The school year has started and we're anxious to update you on what our webinar, seminar, and Tech Talk schedule for the Fall and Winter.

Wednesday, September 26th 10:30 pm - Webinar - Troubleshooting SCCM Configuration Manager.
Wednesday, October 3rd 10:00 am - 3:00 pm - Cisco Meraki Hands-On Workshop at CSI.
Tuesday, October 23rd - CSI Tech Talk (details to follow)
Wednesday, December 5th CSI's 3rd Annual Security Event (details to follow)
Wednesday, December 12th 10:30 pm - Webinar - Topic TBD
Tuesday, January 15th - CSI Tech Talk
Wednesday, February 13th - Webinar - Topic TBD

Details will follow for the Fall and Winter events.