CSI’s Upcoming Fall Tech Talk/SYSOP Sessions…Register Today!

October 16th, 2023
CSI’s Upcoming Fall Tech Talk/SYSOP Sessions…Register Today!

We live in interesting times and continue to face some very unique challenges to keep your school district safe and stable so teachers can teach, students can learn and the staff behind the scenes can do all the important tasks that make the district function well.

I am especially excited to get back to sharing and teaching via our Tech Talks.

So much has gone on since the last time we got together in the Spring. The Fall sessions will continue our 43-year tradition of freely sharing timely information to help you and your team continue to focus your attention where it needs to be in supporting, maintaining, and protecting your users and your network.

There are two, one-hour Zoom sessions and the material will be different in both sessions. The first session will focus on Tech Tidbits to "catch up" from the summer on updates and security issues. We will then continue the security theme by discussing in depth the present threat landscape including business email compromises, increasingly sophisticated threats against your users and networks, and the critical need to revamp your password policies.

We will run out of time before we will run out of topics to discuss.

Session One Details:
Date: Wednesday, October 11th
Time: 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Session Two Details:
Date: Wednesday, October 18th
Time: 10:30 am - 11:30 am

I encourage you to join us for both sessions and hope to see you in person at our yearly security event on December 6th.

-Scott Quimby, CISSP