Weekly Tech Tidbit – Do you need SSL certificates?

There appears to be some confusion amongst some school districts on whether or not they need SSL certificates.

If you have internet facing web servers, access servers, VPNs, mail servers, etc in your data center, then the answer is yes you do need commercial SSL certificates to help protect these servers.

How to make Google Chrome run faster

With over 1 billion worldwide users and a market share of over 50%, it is not a stretch to say that Google Chrome is one of the best and most popular browsers available in the market. Its speed far outstrips that of most other browsers. But despite being the fastest web browser, it’s often criticized […]

Privacy Protection through Browser Extensions

Even if you’re not currently taking adequate steps to protect yourself (and your company!) when you’re using the Internet, deep down you know you should be. Or maybe you already think you have enough precautions in place – but can you ever be too careful? In these times of Internet fraud, phishing scams and high […]