Cisco HyperFlex Systems Roadshow – Tuesday May 24th

You are probably saying to yourself, "I have no idea what Cisco Hyperflex is?".  You are not alone.

At the same time may be wondering "what's next" in building out your data center.   Cisco Hyperflex is Cisco's answer to "what's next" while integrating directly into "what I have now".  It provides unparalleled flexibility, redundancy and scalability in an integrated platform.

Understanding the types of virtualization

Virtualization has become the cornerstone for almost all businesses today – and for good reason. It is basically a process of creating a virtual version of a physical IT device. This, in turn, enables businesses to utilize their resources more effectively, while also reducing costs that come with managing and maintaining their infrastructure. Virtualization can […]

Don’t virtualize without answers

For small or medium-sized business, getting a leg up on the competition can be the difference between simply surviving and thriving. One way of doing this is by embracing virtualization. Many SMBs have used virtualization techniques to great effect, but implementing a change can be difficult and time-consuming. Here are a few questions you should […]