VMware vSphere Users – Urgent End of Life Notice

September 9th, 2022
VMware vSphere Users – Urgent End of Life Notice

All versions of vSphere prior to version 7.0 are about to be retired from support

I would like to make you aware that on October 15th, 2022, all VMware vSphere versions prior to version 7.x will no longer be supported by VMware. This means there will no longer be any updates or technical support available from VMware.

Since VMware ESX hosts are at the heart of your network, it is absolutely vital that you maintain a current vSphere version in your district. Failure to do so could result in needless support delays (or worse) in resolving any serious technical issues.

If you are already at version 7.x or higher (the latest being update 3), then no action is required.

However, if you do not have version 7 or higher installed, we encourage you to reach out to CSI as soon as possible to resolve this critical issue.

Also, if you are struggling to keep up with VMware versions and updates, CSI has a VMware Maintenance Plan as part of our done-for-you services where we can take this burden off your plate.

If you have any questions or need our assistance, please let us know.

-Scott Quimby