CSI’s Paladin Remote Monitoring Saves Small Business From Serious Outage

April 22nd, 2013

We have talked in recent weeks about how CSI's Paladin Remote Monitoring solution has saved a number of our larger clients from serious outages affecting thousands of users.  Last week Paladin saved one of our small business clients from a serious server meltdown and subsequent work stoppage.   Our client has about 10-15 core users with perhaps 10 or so remote users.  As a small business they don't have all the elaborate fault tolerance our larger clients have.  They simply have one server which they rely on for everything they do.  If the server dies, they are sitting around and losing productivity - and losing money.  Email and documents and cost estimating are the lifeblood of their business.

The other day all of our techs were walking into our daily technical status meeting.   Suddenly the alarms started going off in our office that our client's single server was rapidly losing disk space.   The server was starting to announce all the tasks it couldn't do.   Death was imminent.   Realizing the critical nature of the situation one of our techs grabbed an available laptop and within minutes was remotely working on our client's server and quickly resolved the issue.  The client was never down. Later we called our client and inquired as to what they were doing at the time of the near meltdown.  They were surprised to hear from us because they didn't know they were in trouble.   They thanked us for our efforts and went back to work.  The client had zero downtime.   There was no work stoppage.  No file corruption.  No file restores.  No waiting for someone to come on-site and fix the server while the entire office sat around unable to work.  That is what  CSI's Paladin Remote Monitoring does for all our clients - big and small.   We realize that many of our clients have absolutely no in-house technical resources.   That's why we watch our clients so diligently to keep them out of harm's way.

It is impossible to know everything that is going on, or about to go on, with your network.  By overlaying 24x7x365 Paladin remote monitoring we can provide you with the ability to know things about your network that are impossible to know on your own.  There is simply too much data to sift through.   In both these instances we were able to uncover substantial issues and deal with them before they became a major crisis with lots of unhappy users.

How do you know what you don't know about your network?

Put s Paladin Monitoring combined with our 35 years of experience working with technology for you today.

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