Weekly Tech Tidbit – Make Sure You Calibrate Your UPSes

December 28th, 2018
Weekly Tech Tidbit – Make Sure You Calibrate Your UPSes

As we approach the holiday break it is time once again to remember some basic maintenance that should be done.   On a day where there isn't any bad weather predicted and there have been no power outages I want you to calibrate all your UPSes.

Calibration allows an APC Smart UPS to re-evaluate itself.   As batteries age, they don't last as long.   Calibration allows the UPS to reset what its limits are so that hopefully, nothing crashes because the UPS ran out of power.

Simply sign on to each of your UPSes and go under diagnostics and select calibration.   Remember the UPSes will beep excessively during this process so if you have end users around your closets they may become concerned with all the alarms.

Do not be surprised if you have a battery or two that announces it is now defective.  As re-examine themselves they can suddenly realize they can no longer do the job they are supposed to do.  That is normal.

If you are unsure how to do a calibration or need help with this, please contact our office.