Free, Basic Web Security with OpenDNS

January 31st, 2012

If you are a parent, you probably want to implement some basic web controls at home.   OpenDNS is my first stop for this basic functionality.  The basic service is free.  You just change the workstations to point to OpenDNS' DNS servers.  You put a free agent on the workstation to check in with your IP address from your ISP to compensate for the changing DHCP address that most users have at home.  Then you create your free account on the website and fill out the grid.  You can easily block/unblock sites that don't completely line up with your filtering grid categories.

At home I have the kids computers under OpenDNS.  If my fourteen year-old says she needs access to something for school, I can reach into OpenDNS remotely and unblock the category or site.  She will get the change in a few minutes.  At the same time if her attention to Facebook starts to overtake her attention to homework, I can just as easily reach in and turn it off.

OpenDNS is safe, effective, and non-intrusive on the workstations - and free for home.

If you are a business or a school, CSI's Paladin Email Defense service offers a similar commercial, cloud based service for web filtering including reporting.  We also offer other website filtering and monitoring services for businesses and schools of all sizes.

We're happy to discuss your web filtering and security needs.

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