CSI Tech Talk meeting Tuesday May 10th – Sign Up Now! – *Updated Agenda*

April 29th, 2016
CSI Tech Talk meeting Tuesday May 10th – Sign Up Now! – *Updated Agenda*

Our Tech Talk quarterly, free knowledge transfer session is Tuesday May 10th at 8:00AM. This session is designed for technical staff responsible for technology support in your organization. Attendees at our previous meetings have given us the highest ratings for the quality of our presentations.  If you haven't been able to come yet, or are not sure if it is right for you, now is your chance to find out.  Seating is limited, so reserve your spot as soon as you can.  

Here is the list of topics we are working on for the meeting:
  • *Just Added*  Mitigating Ransomware - A discussion of practical tips from the experts to help prevent initial access of ransomware into your network, impeding propagation should ransomware get in, and recovery strategies if all else fails.
  • Microsoft Domain Controller Best Practice - Prayer will walk us through some of the basic best practices for domain controllers in a Microsoft Active Directory environment.
  • Wireless Tuning -  With wireless becoming more and more pervasive Brian and Prayer will walk us through some of the basic dos and don'ts in wireless configuration.
  • DHCP/DNS Update - Last time we did a session on DNS best practices.   We'll do a minor update to that topic.  Did you know that if you set a DHCP lease time to 1 hour, it is really 5 hours?   If you didn't, come and learn how to fix that in our DHCP update.
  • Group Policy - EXE Run Lists - One of the recommendations to prevent Ransomware attacks is to implement an EXE run list.   We will re-visit how to setup EXE run lists and EXE no run lists.
  • Group Policy Performance Data - We have some interesting data that has been collected on the logon time costs for various aspects of Group Policy such as how much longer the logon is for each drive letter mapped via GPPE.
  • KMS Activation - As much as we talk about it people still get confused.  Do you know what CMID is and how it can affect KMS activation?  If not, come and find out.
  • Windows 2016 Introduction - We'll take a quick look at what is coming next in Windows server OS.
  • Windows 10 Update - We'll cover all the news since the last session on Windows 10 including all the issues between Windows 10 and roaming profiles.
  • Wired and Wireless Infrastructure Update - The latest news in what is going on with Cisco and Meraki technologies.
  • Paladin Sentinel Update - We'll update you on the latest in monitoring.
  • Tech Tidbits - Our timely collection of mini-technical topics since our last meeting.
  • And More!

There is no cost to you for these sessions, but advanced registration is required since seating is limited.  The presentations will run from 8:30AM to approximately 12:00PM.   We have breakfast and lunch afterwards for you. 

To reserve your spot at this meeting please contact Michele Safran via e-mail at msafran@csiny.com or via phone at 845-897-9480.