Do you really know what is going on with your network?

December 30th, 2013
Do you really know what is going on with your network?

I often ask the question to my staff and to vendors, "How do I know what I don't know?".  By that I mean how do I find out about devices that are broken or performing poorly on our client's computer networks?

CSI uses our Paladin Sentinel Remote Monitoring tools to constantly monitor the health and well being of our client's networks 24x7x365.   This automated monitoring combines industry and CSI best practices and 34 years of experience in how various computers, routers, switches, servers, software, web pages, and cloud applications are supposed to behave with live monitoring during normal business hours.

We use a variety of tools in our Paladin Sentinel Remote Monitoring offering to monitor our clients from a variety different perspectives.  This gives us the most comprehensive view of what is going on.  Often this provides us early warning of impending hardware failures or virus infections - before it becomes a crisis.   That allows us then to proactively intervene either remotely or on-site before the system is down.  In the case of a true outage we know about it immediately and can begin to formulate a recovery plan.

Occasionally something happens on a network for which there was no early warning.  After a significant event occurs for which there was no warning provided, CSI extensively evaluates the available historical information to see if we can find some piece of data, or pattern of events that would indicate the failure happened - or whenever possible - was about to happen.  Then we adapt our alerting policies to look for the new information and provide an alert the next time we see the events unfold.  This process of continual improvement allows us keep our client's networks in an optimal state leveraging both technology automation and our 34 years experience doing what we do.

I am quite proud  of the number one client comment over the years, "CSI knows more about my network than I do!". We are often the ones calling or emailing to discuss performance issues, devices down, or unusual activity we are not used to seeing.  That is what we are paid to do.   We are constantly evaluating everything going on and then intervening in whatever makes sense for our clients.

For our smaller  clients CSI is their only technical staff.  If "someone should do something", that "someone" is our staff.  For many of our clients they have some technical resources on-site.  In those situations CSI is providing second level eyes and ears helping them focus their on-site technical staff on the issues that matter or providing coverage during nights, weekends, vacations, or staff transitions to keep our client's networks running optimally.

If you want to learn how Paladin Sentinel Remote Monitoring can help manage and improve your network's up-time, contact CSI for more details.

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