CSI Tech Talk II October 2022 – Recording Available

March 21st, 2024

Bob will be discussing infrastructure upgrades covering hardware "end of life" planning over the next few years as well as new switch management alternatives and the convergence of platforms. In addition, Bob will also be discussing some security updates including how to make the best use of the Daily IPS reports from your Cisco Next-Generation Firewall. He will also touch on firewall end-of-life dates to be aware of on the horizon.

For a number of years now, Scott has repeated a former head of the NSA's comments that we have to design systems with security that assume the bad guy is already in the room and is sitting next to us.

The sudden onset of school's hybrid networks with the need for remote and on-site access and cloud and on-premise applications combined with one-to-one student initiatives has dramatically increased your district's attack surface and is forcing us to think differently about security.

Zero Trust has been a buzzword for a few years now. Some vendors say they are selling Zero Trust. However, it isn't a product. It is a philosophy increasingly used to improve your security posture and be a guiding principle for how to interact with your entire network environment.

Scott will talk about the concept of Zero Trust so you can begin to incorporate it into how you manage your district's networks.

Watch it here