Java Critical Patch Available

November 14th, 2011

Java has a critical Java 6 update 29 patch.  I have been reading some commentary about issues with 6 update 29.   Since Oracle has released Java 7, we now two Java versions being updated.   One thing I noticed is that Java 7 doesn't uninstall Java 6.   I read that Java only uninstalls older versions of the version you have (i.e. 6 uninstalls older 6 updates and 7 will uninstall older 7 updates).   Therefore, at whatever point you migrate to Java 7 and no longer require Java 6, you will have to manually uninstall Java 6 to remove it.   The same would be true for Java 5 on your machines.  

Also remember that some programs hard code to a specific version of Java so make sure you understand whether you have one of those hard-coded Java applications before uninstalling older Java versions or adding newer Java versions.   CA and RIM are two examples of companies that have hard-coded their application for the Java version present upon installation.  Here is Oracle's Java page:

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