CSI and internal IT departments – perfect together

January 20th, 2014
CSI and internal IT departments – perfect together

One of the questions we often get from in-house IT staff is, "aren't you trying to replace me?".    The answer to that question is NO.  While CSI's services can take many forms we love it when there are on-site technical staff to work with.

CSI can provide many services to overlay and enhance on-site technical staff:

  • 24x7x365 remote monitoring and notification via our Paladin Sentinel Monitoring platform.   This set of tools provides extra eyes and ears combining the best of live human monitoring with automation and best practices.   This allows existing, in-house staff to proactively provide a level of service to their organization that simply is not possible without these tools.
  • Support coverage to supplement existing staff.  This can be as simple as keeping an eye on the network resources nights, weekends, holidays and staff vacations through Paladin monitoring.  Or it can be project implementation and integration services to help you accomplish the technology projects important to you.
  • Technology Expertise.  No one can be an expert in everything.   With limited staffs and budgets you need to figure out what your IT staff can reasonably accomplish.   CSI's system engineers have many advanced technology vendor certifications and the experience in implementing advanced technology solutions.
  • Technology Consulting.  Six months is a lifetime in technology.  With so much changing in so fast it is often to keep up on the current trends and best practices.  CSI can help you design, plan and implement your next generation technology projects.
  • Technology Support.   We all reach a point when we need to pick up the phone and call someone for technical assistance.   But sometimes who to call is not that obvious.  Is it hardware or software?  Is it a bug or a misconfiguration?  What if the vendor is pointing fingers and saying it isn't me?    CSI's technical staff can help you sort out all of this and implement the proper solution to your issues.
  • Network Assessments.  Often there is support staff turn-over in IT departments.   You inherit a network built by others that you never met.   Are there issues?   Should something be done differently?  How would you find out?  CSI's comprehensive network assessments can document your network and help you find out security issues, as well as areas of concern that you can then focus on.
  • Wireless Assessments.   Everyone wants wireless access - tablets, phones, laptops, bring your own device (BYOD), and guest wireless access.   There are right ways and wrong ways to implement these technologies.  CSI has expertise in wireless deployment and design.   We can perform actual on-site wireless assessments with our tools to allow us to simulate and plan proper wireless coverage in your building or get to the bottom of areas of your buildings where wireless is a problem.
  • Disaster Recovery.   If you had a fire, flood, theft or catastrophic hardware failure, what is your disaster recovery plan?   Do you have off-site backup?   Do you have cloud backup?  Do you know it works?   Do you have a plan for how to operate from another location?  CSI can help.
  • Migration Projects.   Whether it is old servers to new servers or migrating to different operating systems such as from Novell to Microsoft, or physical to virtual migrations CSI can help in the planning and implementation of these migration projects so they go smoothly.
  • Secure Remote Access.  CSI can help you provide remote access the correct way with controls over who can access your network remotely as well as what they can access.   We can also monitor remote access connections so you know when remote access connections are being made.
  • Virtualization.   CSI has expertise in implementing virtualization solutions to dramatically improve the performance, redundancy, and flexibility of your core server infrastructure to protect against disasters and meet ever changing functionality requirements.
  • Technology Training.   You will find CSI very open in discussing technology.  We are technical folks who actually work with these technologies each day.  It isn't a theoretical classroom exercise to us.   We routinely share what we know about various technologies.  This takes the form of:
    • Individualized training
    • Technical posts of important issues on the CSI blog (especially in the technical alerts section)
    • Free special topic webinars
    • Our quarterly, free Tech Talk seminar series where we go through a number of technical presentations over the span of a half day while feeding you breakfast and lunch.   You can check out a snippet of some of training offerings by visiting our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/CSINYVIDEOS

We'd love to discuss how our services can help your in-house IT department be more effective, allow you to be more proactive and hopefully less stress as you have happier users with more up-time.  If you're interested in knowing more, give us a call and let's talk.

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