Your Weekly Tech Tidbit – The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

October 10th, 2020
Your Weekly Tech Tidbit – The Stakes Have Never Been Higher


On Wednesday we had some power failures due to that high wind storm coming through the region. There isn't really anything to for our infrastructure or server teams once we determine there is a power event.

Fast forward to Thursday morning. It is 5:30 am and I am starting into the first pass of the overnight alerts from our Paladin Sentinel Monitoring service to figure out what needs to be addressed so our clients know what needs to be addressed as we all start our school day.

I notice one of the districts is still listed as down. By 6 am I begin to assess what we know and don't know. I determine while the high school is off-line, it is on the internet as other school buildings in the district are reachable. At 6:11 am I sent a text to all relevant parties as to the status.

I leverage the remote management card to reach the VMware ESX hosts. I am able to turn on all the ESX host and all the servers hosted by them. Full functionality is restored by 7:11 am - before 1st period in the high school.

However, the tech director shares with me their new reality. The building administrative staff is now working heads down in the early morning sorting out all the COVID-19 screening requests. Who reported in. Who didn't. Who needs to be screened at school before starting classes. Early morning tech outages now are even more of a big deal then they have ever been.

The stakes have never been higher. A district that doesn't know its COVID-19 screening status is potentially paralyzed and at risk.

If you don't have someone watching the overall status and availability of your network and able to intervene ASAP to get your district back to being fully operational again, you should give Lisa a call and let's talk how we can fix that.