You Can Be A Free Optimum WiFi Hotspot

October 27th, 2012

On Wednesday I was a guest panelist at the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Expo 2012 in their "Ask a Geek" forum.   One of the other panelists was the head of CableVision's internet, tv and phone services for the region.   In his remarks he said that ANY residential or business customer of Cablevision's Optimum internet services can merely call Cablevision at 845-297-3333 and "volunteer" to be an Optimum WiFi hotspot.  The only restriction is that you must already be subscribing to the Optimum internet service.   Cablevision will then come out and run a separate circuit for the Optimum WiFi and not just split your circuit.   An Optimum WiFi hotspot is available for use free to all Optimum subscribers.  Through joint agreements an Optimum WiFi hotspot will also allow subscribers of  Time Warner and Comcast to also sign on.

Cablevision wants to saturate the region with WiFi hotspots to be a legitimate alternative to phone providers 3G and 4G coverage.   They view this as an ideal way to get more WiFi host spots out there.   They are targeting Optimum customers who want to offer free WiFi to their users in waiting rooms, restaurants, etc.

Again this is free to you.   You just have to be willing to host the Optimum equipment.

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