If You Have Older Versions Of Symantec Backup Exec, Please Read This Important Announcement

January 3rd, 2012

Many technology hardware and software vendors take a very hard-line on support contracts.  No support or maintenance contracts means no support.  Some vendors will sell you "per incident" support.  Some won't.  With software vendors you also get into the issue of software upgrades being tied to software maintenance.   If you pay the vendor every year, they simply give you the new versions of their software which supports the newer operating systems and applications.  If you don't, you generally have to re-purchase the new versions of the products at the original price.

Symantec's Backup Exec is one of those programs.  While Symantec will do "per incident" support they have said that if you were not under maintenance and needed to upgrade the new version, you had to re-purchase the new version of what you already owned.  When you account for the software and the specialty and remote agents, those costs can be quite daunting.

For those of you that have let your Symantec maintenance lapse Symantec has a very special offer.   Simply purchase maintenance for what you own and Symantec will provide you the upgrades of the older Backup Exec products to the latest versions which support all the way up to Microsoft Exchange 2010.

For those of you planning major upgrades this special offer can save you significant money.

This special offer lasts only until the end of January 2012.   If you would like more information on what it will cost to get your Symantec Backup Exec products back under maintenance, please contact CSI.



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