CSI Now Offers More Timely Technical Information On-Line And In The Classroom

September 30th, 2011

A few months ago a number of our clients were surveyed in depth by a third party firm about what they thought about CSI.   We are happy to report that the reviews were extremely favorable.   Our thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts.  When asked what CSI could do better, many respondents said that they wished they could essentially crawl into our brains and leverage even more of our technical expertise to help them with their technology problems.

Bob and I and the rest of our team have been pondering everyone's comments.  We are pleased to report some changes that should help our clients get more relevant information and services from us in a more timely manner:


CSI has moved to a new, larger location - After 12 years, we outgrew our old space.   We have moved from Poughkeepsie to Fishkill.  We are close to I-84 and Route 9 and thus more centrally located for the entire region.  This allows us the room to add technical staff to better support our clients.

CSI now has a classroom - For the last 15 years our Dutchess County Schools have enjoyed our quarterly "Sysop Meetings" with our quarterly Tech Tidbits technical newsletter.   For our Dutchess County K-12 clients absolutely nothing has changed with those meetings.   However, with our move to our new location we now have our own classroom to do technical training and seminars for all our existing clients as well as those who may not yet be working with us who want to learn and partner with CSI in the future to leverage our expertise for their own networks.

 Monthly eNewsletter - We have also launched a monthly eNewsletter to supplement our quarterly Tech Tidbits newsletter.

Blogs - If you visit CSI's web site at https://www.csiny.com/,  you will notice the “blog” header along the top right.  Clicking on the blog link offers you three blog offerings:

Social Media - You will also notice the social media links to CSI’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages at the bottom.  You can click on those and follow CSI at any of the following addresses:

Bob and I believe that these changes will help us provide better services and better information to you.   We invite you to stop by our new office and check out the blogs online.

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