Why you should choose CSI to be your technology partner

December 9th, 2013
Why you should choose CSI to be your technology partner

There are thousands of technology vendors and "IT guys".  There are a few here and there who are quite good.  However, there are many, many more that unfortunately aren't that good.  They may know more than you, but many don't know as much as you think they do.  In our industry we see vendors come and go.  It is the nature of an industry where technology from six months to a year ago is often considered "old" or "legacy" technology.

It is incredible how fast things change in our industry.  Change is constant.  The real question is not the change, but how to manage the change to both adapt to and leverage the technologies that make sense to your operations in a way that provides you improved stability, performance and outcomes.  There are some pretty amazing technologies that either aren't cost effective for any improvements they offer, or are still more hype than function.

Therefore, it is vitally important to have someone you trust that knows what they know, but is also honest in telling you what they don't know and helping you sift through the maze of technology to find what is right for you.

CSI is unique in our industry in how we approach technology.  At CSI we try very hard to be actual users of the technology we sell and support.  It is not just a marketing brochure.   We have found over our 34 years of working with the various technologies of the day that by committing to use what we sell internally we develop an intimate knowledge of what various technologies do well – and what they honestly don’t do so well.

Since our office is down if the technology doesn’t work, we have incredible personal motivation to figure out how to make it work properly all the time.

The staff of CSI's unique experience, skills, and stability over the years make us ideally suited to help you with your technology needs.

CSI is in a constant state of continual improvement - adapting to the sometimes mind boggling changes in technology over the last 34 years.  Some of our competitors take something out of a box and plug it in and hope for the best.  In my wandering around over the years i often confront situations where I am professionally embarrassed that one of my industry peers actually sold and implemented such a horrible "solution".  Often it was poorly designed due to their lack of expertise in the technologies they were implementing.  Or the vendor cut corners that either they didn't understand were important, or they didn't disclose the compromises they made to the customer at time of purchase for the sake of price.  In our early years Apple and then IBM would ask us to go around New York and sometimes New England and clean up the messes made by other "partners".   Decades have gone by, but we still spend a fair bit of time cleaning up and fixing troubled technology implementations that were done by others.

If you are looking for an honest discussion about how technology can help you do what you do better and not just being handed the latest product brochure or offered the vendor promotional item of the month, give us a call and let's talk.

--Scott Quimby, President

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