Integrate Your Social Media With Microsoft Outlook

November 28th, 2011

Microsoft Outlook is quite versatile.   It handles multiple email accounts.   It is a reader for RSS subscriptions.   It can be integrated with your Twitter feeds via a free product called Twinbox.   You can also integrate your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Windows Live social media streams and address books into Outlook.  

Integrating your social media contacts into Microsoft Outlook offers you the following features:

  • Provides you discrete social media address books in Outlook which are automatically populated with all your social media contacts.
  • Integrates social media profile pictures into Outlook.  When I open an email from someone who I also have a social media connection with, I see their picture in the corner of the email.  This is true for LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • When I click on an email from a person who I also have a social media connection, I see their most recent social media activity underneath the email.  As I read the email I can see who they are connected with on LinkedIn or Facebook and the most recent activity they have had.

The Microsoft Social Media Connectors are free.  They only take a minute to set up.   Here's an article from Microsoft on how to set them up: 





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