Cloud Backup Bandwidth Requirements

January 2nd, 2012

Cloud data backup is a growing option for many users.   The question that often comes up is how much bandwidth is considered adequate for cloud backup to be a viable solution.   With the major exception of Verizon most ISPs (Internet Services Providers) provide substantially greater download speeds than upload speeds.  The major exception to this is Verizon's FiOS services which offers equal up and down bandwidth.   Since downloads are what most users perceive their internet performance by, this disparity between download and upload speeds really does not matter until you want to upload lots of data to the internet.   Cloud backup and connecting multiple office networks together through the internet are two examples of functions that are highly dependent on upload speeds.

A major business disaster recovery vendor leverages cloud backup for automatic, remote backup.   Their best practice recommendation is that you need 1 Mbit (megabits) in upload speed for every 1TB (terabytes) in local storage that you wish to back up off-site.   Of course there are a lot of variables that go into this calculation.  The less your data changes daily the easier it is to maintain a cloud backup.   That is because cloud backup technologies do a full backup and rely on change state backups which generally dramatically smaller.   Also backup technologies attempt to use compression technologies to leverage the internet bandwidth you have.   However, the more pre-compressed data you have, the less additional compression you may get backing it up through the internet.

CSI's Paladin Cloud backup service offers free trials on network or stand-alone workstations or servers.   We'd love to talk to you to about your local and remote backup needs as part of a disaster recovery review.

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