Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 10 Begins To Automatically Update Internet Explorer 9 Users

February 27th, 2013

Internet Explorer 10 has been released.  Microsoft has announced that they are starting to push IE10 automatic updates into all machines that have been using the IE10 pre-release edition.    Shortly they will begin automatically upgrading IE9 to IE10.   Often Internet Explorer upgrades can cause near-term compatibility issues with certain browser-based tools.  You should be testing your web-based applications against IE10 to decide what is best for you.  You should be consulting with your on-line vendors whether or not they are compatible with IE10.

Microsoft has once again released an IE upgrade blocking toolkit.    The IE10 Blocking Toolkit will disable automatic delivery of Internet Explorer via Windows Update, the Microsoft Download Center or external media.   Traditionally these blockers work for one year from the release date.


The IE10 blocker contains both an ADM file and a registry key.  If you are in a Windows domain, you can create a single group policy to block Internet Explorer 10 across your entire domain.   If you are not in a Windows domain, then you must apply the registry key to every non-domain workstation to achieve the same effect.


The Internet Explorer 10 Blocking Toolkit is available at:


If you need help blocking Internet Explorer 10, please contact our helpdesk at: or call us at 845-897-9480 x3210.


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