Your Weekly Tech Tidbit…Boring is good

January 5th, 2022
Your Weekly Tech Tidbit…Boring is good


Boring Email Formatting = Improved Reliability

We love to use graphics and links in our emails. There are lot cool tools.

However, the reality is that your district sends emails out in bulk. Spammers do that too. Therefore, you are going to be checked to see if you are a spammer.

The reality of spam filters is that your emails are rated. You get some sort of spam score.

The higher the score the more likely you are going to end up in a quarantine folder. We know that ending up in a normal quarantine folder pretty much guarantees non-delivery.

Sending out simple "text only" emails automatically lowers your spam score because it is simple for the mail filter to see what you are doing.

Sending out emails without URLs also lowers your score.

If you must send out a URL to properly convey your information, then using the full URL vs. using a link shortening service also lowers your score.

Yes it is boring, but boring lowers your score and that means your emails have a better chance to reach your intended recipient's inbox.

Bob and I are constantly asked, "why didn't this get through?" Upon examining the email content it is generally fairly incocuous. However, the graphics raised the spam score enough to be flagged.

If you need any assistance, give us a call.

-Scott Quimby