US Libraries Now Lending eBooks for Kindle

October 6th, 2011

I love my Kindle.  I actually read books again.  Its battery life is amazing.  The fact that I can go outside and read in bright sunlight is awesome.  The fact that I can email PDFs to the Kindle to read later is extremely useful for technical manuals.   I also love the fact that Amazon's free Kindle software is available for my iPad2, my iPhone and my PC.   I can start reading on my Kindle and at a later date switch to my iPad.  I open the same book and it magically opens to the same page as on the Kindle.  The Kindle and the Kindle software make it easy to read.   With the exception of my 1934 hard copy edition of Thomas Watson, Sr's book "Men, Minutes, Money" that I just bought I now always seek out the eBook editions of any book I buy.

Now libraries are starting to embrace the popularity of the Kindle platform and adding eBooks to their lending libraries.

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