January 25th, 2012

One of the questions I get a lot is how to send large files around.  Previously I posted an article called "Share Files Via Dropbox Public Folder" that showed you how to leverage Dropbox Public Folders to share files.  Another quick way I share files is via YouSendIt.COM.

YouSendIt.COM is free for files up to 50MB.   If you intend to use this a lot and need larger files, they have subscriptions you can purchase.   They do a couple of nice things:

  1. They virus scan the file(s) on upload to you can certify that you are not sending people infected files.
  2. I often find that my emails are rejected because of attachment size or I am getting mailbox full messages when I send larger attachments.  Or they are blocking my attachment.   YouSendIt doesn't actually send the file.  It sends a download link to the file.  The download link is good for 7 days.   This circumvents attachment blocks for size or type.  This eliminates the mailbox full issues.
  3. In the next 7 days the user merely clicks on the link in the email and automatically downloads the file.  The file is never in their email and never counts against their mailbox size.

It is simple and fast.  I often combine YouSendIt with webmail where I send a file I need remotely to myself via YouSendIt and then login to my webmail and pull the file down into the location I am sitting.


  1. Stephen Haneman


  2. Stephen Haneman


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