Public cloud security remains an issue

October 19th, 2011

In my 33 years of working with various technologies we go through this phase a lot.  We see the promise of a new technology.  We see the marketing hype about the technology.  We see some very good things about the new technology.  Then there are the inevitable growing pains as the new technology matures.  The transition to "the cloud" is very similar to the transition from the days of mainframes to PCs and the early computer networks.  

I remember being at a Novell partner meeting in Altanta back in early days of NetWare.  Listening to Novell's "partners" in that meeting you'd think that Novell was a product that seldom worked right and was an absolute piece of junk.   Within two years Novell ruled the computer world as the most stable and robust networking platform available.  Their competitors including 3COM, IBM and Microsoft dropped out of the marketplace.   We all know that Microsoft came back with NT and Microsoft Windows Server 2000 to ultimately dominate the networking space.  

The point being these early vendors figured out the issues and came up with robust, stable networking platforms.   I think we are in the same place with "the cloud".  There are already many robust, stable cost effective cloud based products that many organizations should actively be considering.  However, there is still a long way to go before we can honestly say "the cloud" can be as secure in all cases as other technologies.   Over time it will get better and better.   CSI can certainly help you decide if  a technology strategy including cloud based offerings makes sense in your organization.   If you want help understanding the cloud, please contact us

Networkworld had a very good article on this topic giving what I think is an honest assessment on the state of public cloud security:

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