Data Center Humidity Recommendations

"ASHRAE’s Design Considerations for Data and Communications Equipment Centers recommends relative humidity conditions between 40% and 55%, with an allowable level between 20% and 80%."

Top 10 Reasons SMBs Fail to Back Up Their Data

Backing up your data is such a critical issue.  Your data is the life of your business.   FEMA estimates that 40-60% of businesses never re-open after a data disaster.  You have to take the issue of backing up your data as seriously as you do the physical security of your business.

GroupWise Integration to the iPhone and iPad

GW Import allows you to connect to Novell GroupWise WebAccess server, fetch your GroupWise Calendar appointments, and import them into your iOS device's calendar with optional alerts to remind you of the upcoming events in advance. It does not import events from iOS calendar into GroupWise.

Public cloud security remains an issue

In my 33 years of working with various technologies we go through this phase a lot.  We see the promise of a new technology.  We see the marketing hype about the technology.  We see some very good things about the new technology.  Then there are the inevitable growing pains as the new technology matures.

Healthcare security needs a booster shot

With the push for electronic medical records (EMR), one of the concerns is whether patient's medical records confidentiality will appear on-line like other "WikiLeaks" data breaches we've all heard about.  Here is an interesting article on the security challenges facing health care:


Warrantless Cellphone Searches are Legal in California

The laws governing electronic communications are very antiquated.   Many do not provide the Constitutional protections afforded to physical searches.   This article discusses the California Governor allowing warrantless cell phone searches to continue.

Verizon, VMware team on dual-persona phone software

Verizon and VMware are addressing the issue of having a "personal" phone and then having a separate "work" phone.  With this new technology you will be able to have one phone with two totally separate and distinct phones inside.  One is your phone managed by you.