Don’t be afraid of DNS Scavenging. Just be patient.

This is an excellent article from Microsoft TechNet on the navigating complexities of DNS scavenging.   DNS scavenging is a means of helping DNS clean up after itself.

Include Volunteer Work On Your Resume

A brief article on the importance of listing your volunteer work on your resume or on-line profiles in addition to your work experience.

Microsoft Discontinuing Windows Desktop Gadgets

Microsoft made a big deal about desktop gadgets when Microsoft Vista came out. I never really liked them because they took up too much space on the desktop for what they did. Now apparently Microsoft is going to discontinue them as well.


What IT should know about Windows 8

Microsoft has been introducing the world to what is coming next in Windows 8. This is a good article introducing what comes after Windows 7:,0&source=IFWNLE_nlt_daily_2011-10-01

Setting Windows Desktop Wallpaper via Group Policy

This is a great tip for setting Windows desktop wallpaper from Jeremy Moskowitz at  It is also a good example of leveraging the Group Policy Preference Extensions (GPPE) functionality on top of traditional Microsoft Group Policies.  GPPE is only found in a true Microsoft Active Directory domain and not alternative Group Policy management systems such as Novell ZENworks.

New Proposal Will Make Computer Tampering a RICO Crime

One of law enforcements most powerful weapons in combatting organized crime are the RICO laws.   Since there is a new breed of computer crime, they are proposing updating the laws to include computer tampering.