The Impact of FSMO Roles Being Unavailable

This is an excellent discussion of the impact Microsoft FSMO roles not being available on your Windows network:

Google Discontinues Google Desktop

I always liked Google Desktop and used it a lot. However, since Microsoft put a more robust desktop search function in Windows Vista and Windows 7, Google Desktop is being discontinued.

Ensuring Maximum Stability of Blackberry Enterprise Server

Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) functionality is highly dependent upon the following:

1 - Exchange being alive
2 - The controlling domain controller (global catalog server) being alive
3 - BES being at the proper service pack level for the Exchange service pack level.

Unified Messaging for Microsoft Exchange Can Be Virtualized

When Exchange 2010 came out Microsoft stated that all the roles could be virtualized except for Unified Communications.  As Exchange 2010 has been updated and evolved Microsoft now says that the Unified Messaging role can now be virtualized with Hyper-V or other approved third party virtualization platforms (aka VMware).


Small business owners. Do you have an IT plan?

In speaking with small business owners on a daily basis I have found that many of them have not put together either a short or long term plan for their company's technology needs. Most times you'll hear, "we'll get it fixed later as long as it's working", or "maybe next year".  While there are always certain items that can wait for another day, there are also many technology issues which may be quite painful (or even catostrophic) to defer.

Linux Turns 20

There is a very loyal and vocal set of users who think everything should be Linux and Open Source and that no one should be paying folks like Microsoft for operating systems and applications such as Microsoft Office.  For years there has been talk that Linux was going to be a serious competitor to Microsoft.

Why do people work in Panera Bread?

Since we have moved our office, I occassionally drive around the block for lunch at the local Panera Bread.  There is always table after table of big meetings and small meetings with all these laptops and tablets and smartphones.   Here's an article on why all those folks might be working there.

Future Directions of Adobe and Flash

All of us who have an iPad or an iPhone or even PCs have struggled with the love/hate relationship between Adobe Flash and surfing the web. Flash has lots of security updates. Flash blows up a lot for me now and again. On my iPad2 I keep looking at those "Install Adobe Flash" messages with black boxes with no video.