How your web page may help cybercriminals attack you

When I was involved in a case with the US Secret Service, they brought in an “ethical hacker” as their computer consultant.   One of the techniques used against businesses is to target key individuals in the company and send them emails with infected links and attachments.

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Java Critical Patch Available

Java has a critical Java 6 update 29 patch.  I have been reading some commentary about issues with 6 update 29.   Since Oracle has released Java 7, we now two Java versions being updated.   One thing I noticed is that Java 7 doesn’t uninstall Java 6.   I read that Java only uninstalls older versions of […]

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Exchange Server 2010 High Availability and Transaction Logs Explained

Microsoft has created a very robust and expandable environment with Exchange 2010.  You can add redundancy in a modular fashion.   Data Availability Groups (DAG) allow more than one Exchange Mailbox server role to exist with the same data.   You can also have more than one of the other roles of Exchange for added redundancy.

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