Tech Tidbit – I am proud of you

Late in the afternoon on a Friday, I created a bit of a scare for those of you who are part of our Paladin Sentinel monitoring system.  I was doing my due diligence removing a monitoring policy we experimented with after our last major system upgrade, but didn’t provide any value to us or you.

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Tech Tidbit – Ransomware is getting a whole lot nastier

We all understand the scourge of Ransomware.   It is debilitating.   Even in the best case, it consumes a huge amount of time to recover.  However, now the bad guys are getting even more nasty.   They want their money.   If you decide you can recover or don’t care, they get nothing.

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Tech Tidbit – The pain of changing passwords

“Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don’t let anyone else use it and change it every six months” -Clifford Stoll Password security is always on our minds. The NYS Comptroller’s Office technology audits love to list this in audit reports as an area that needs improvement.

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