Weekly Tech Tidbit – Paper’s Please

  The first line of email defense is a properly formed SPF record “Paper’s Please” Those words denote fear. Some official, authority person (often with a gun and with lots of their co-workers with guns) is asking for identification at a checkpoint.

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Tech Tidbit – The pain of changing passwords

“Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don’t let anyone else use it and change it every six months” -Clifford Stoll Password security is always on our minds. The NYS Comptroller’s Office technology audits love to list this in audit reports as an area that needs improvement.

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Vulnerability Disclosed in HPE BIOS

Recently I wrote about the increasing vulnerabilities in BIOS/UEFI underneath the operating system and encouraging you to update your devices to current BIOS levels. We have been notified of a vulnerability in select HPE BIOS. If you have HPE endpoints, please read the attached notice.

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