They help me implement the enterprise-class solutions I need within the constraints of my district’s budget

CSI has consistently demonstrated an understanding and ability to provide me with enterprise-grade solutions and support while working within the constraints of a public organization's budget. Given these with our budget constraints, trade-offs are a must for me but with CSI’s help I define my priorities and then they provide me with several viable options all clearly laid out to and help me understand the pros and cons of each option for my district. CSI's understanding of subject matter and best practice has been exemplary in comparison to our past technology partners. Having worked with CSI for 14 years, their level of expertise, flexibility and approachability is unmatched. They have a wide range of experience in both the public and private sectors which allows them to offer viewpoints from the "other side of the fence." Also, they're just good people.

Director of Technology
Beacon City School District