Save The Date – CSI’s 4th Annual CyberSecurity Event – Tuesday, December 10th – Register Now!

Save The Date – CSI’s 4th Annual CyberSecurity Event – Tuesday, December 10th – Register Now!

The feedback on CSI's recent Securing Your Endpoints. Securing Your Network discussion has been extremely positive.  We were happy to share the information to help keep your endpoints and networks safe.   Despite what some others might imply, there is no magic piece of software or single vendor with a single product that will allow you to check endpoint security off the list.   Everything can be defeated somehow.   The best security is one comprised of layers of security with different products - some automated, some with skilled people - looking at the tools and, if all else fails, some based upon the behaviors.

The keys are to deny the bad guys a foothold, deny lateral movement to anything that might have gotten through, and finally detecting the behaviors that the bad guys will use like touching certain components on a workstation or phoning home to announce the malware has established a beachhead to launch an attack.

We'd like to build on those foundational principles of layered protection by sharing the best practices of government and industry professionals to fill in the holes and share their opinions about what should come next.

With that in mind, we are pleased to present CSI's 4th Annual CyberSecurity Event on Tuesday, December 10th from 9 am to 1 pm.

Here's the preliminary list of speakers who have agreed to present:

  • Steven Gold will talk about free CyberSecurity resources for K-12 from the Center for Internet Security (CIS):
    • CIS Controls
    • CIS Benchmarks
    • CIS Hardened Images
    • MS-ISAC
  • Chris DeSain, Department of Homeland Security,  Director of Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT)
    • Cyber Threat Landscape
    • Evolution of Ransomware
    • Common Infection Processes and Defense in Depth
    • Tips and Recommendations
  • Mary Sharif from Cisco will be discussing:
    • Ed2D law's impact on K-12 technology
    • Cisco DNA's importance for overall network and endpoint security.
  • Peter Casson, Supervisory Special Agent, Cyber Divison of the FBI will speak on the FBI's assessment of current threats.

There is no cost to you for these sessions, but advanced registration is required since seating is limited.  The presentations will run from 9:00 AM to approximately 1:00 PM.   Please join us for breakfast and lunch as well.

To reserve a seat please contact Lisa Evans at or via phone at 845-897-9480 x3215.